Our middle office team is a leader in supporting the funds management process. We provide quantitative reporting and analytical services.

Our performance reporting includes unit price performance, contribution to return and attribution reporting relative to the index. We also consolidate data into value add outputs and act as the interface between fund managers, back office and third party stakeholders.

Supporting services include:

  • Trade matching
  • Shadow valuations
  • Performance reporting
  • Pre and post trade compliance
  • Performance fee accrual tools
  • Data delivery services
  • Custom analytics


Gain access to our network of experienced industry specialists

Using our established network of relationships with industry specialists, we can manage your technical support needs.

Front office support

Leverage our experience with leading investment research and management firms. We can get your fund out in the market so you can focus on portfolio management.

Specialists in catering to unconventional requests

We differentiate ourselves by being able to cater for any special request, no matter how unorthodox, enhancing your ability to manage your fund.

Bring the front and back office together

Benefit from our integrated service platform without incurring your own long-term technology expenditure. Our middle office can stand alone or easily integrate with your accounting, custody and fund administration services using leading middle and back office technology platforms.

Better qualitative reporting for better decision making

Customise your performance reporting. Access daily or periodic reports showing how you’ve added value using performance, contribution, attribution, asset allocation and risk analysis. Our diverse range of performance capabilities, from highly developed multi-currency attribution to online services, give you accurate and up-to-date access to your funds.

Reduce your fund compliance burden

Set up compliance reports in line with your offer documents. We can monitor the risk and exposure of each portfolio and contact you promptly if a breach occurs. This is especially important for funds covered by the Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

Spend less time managing your data

Access our highly integrated and automated processes to distribute your data to third parties.

Enhance your oversight capabilities

We can assist you to make better investment decisions through custom analytics, for example risk analysis, yield reports and fund metrics.

Save time on matching trades

Let us liaise with your broker and custodian to manage your trade matching. You will no longer need to worry about your trade bookings and confirmations. Your portfolio rebalancing, position reconciliations and corporate action processing can be done for you too.

Robust and timely monitoring

Provide your investors with assurance by having a third party calculate your shadow net asset value (NAV), portfolio holdings and portfolio progression. We have the tools to cater for complex performance fee accruals and adjustments.


Find out more about how our middle office services can add value to your investment process and make your life easier.


  • More than 950 compliance reports run each month
  • Over 150 monthly performance reports produced
  • Ad hoc reporting requests met every day
  • 2,500 data files distributed each month