Mainstream is a leading investment administrator for managed account providers.

Our managed account service combines our robust technology platform with the corporate actions, accounting and tax expertise of our team and our online real-time client reporting to give you a full-service offering.

We can record and reconcile all of your transactions and cash holdings in each managed account, process payments, receive income and maintain the reporting process on your behalf.

Why managed accounts?

Managed accounts are an increasingly popular type of investment product that provides investors with direct ownership and control of an investment account looked after by a professional manager.

The potential for managed accounts in Australia is highlighted by the exceptional growth of managed accounts in the USA, where the sector is growing faster than managed funds. In Australia managed accounts can be attractive to high net worth individuals and self-managed superannuation funds, offering a greater level of transparency, tax optimisation and flexibility over traditional managed funds.

Why Mainstream?

As one of the only service providers in the sector, Mainstream Fund Services is a great solution for managed account providers who do not want to run their own administration.

We currently administer over A$2 billion, or more than 15% of Australia’s growing managed account sector and can support all types of managed accounts from individually managed accounts (IMAs) to separately managed accounts (SMAs) and managed discretionary accounts (MDAs).


Bridge the gap between data and systems

Access the industry-leading IRESS Portfolio System (IPS), for all-in-one modelling, compliance and reporting. Automate market data and pricing from other sources.

Your back and middle office all in one place

Outsource your trade matching, tax analysis and market-leading client reporting for IMA, SMA or MDA. We can also calculate and invoice client fees. Combine our services to benefit from economies of scale.

Reduce your compliance burden

Run compliance checks at any time. Outsource your pre and post trade compliance.

Show investors where you are adding value

Distribute packages showing quarterly and annual valuations, transactions and performance evaluations to your investors. Customise and brand your communications to your needs.

Give investors a direct view into their accounts

Investors can securely access their portfolio valuations, cash and capital transactions on a 20 minute delay to make informed investment decisions.


Our first managed account client is still a client today. Whether you are looking to launch individually managed, separately managed or discretionary accounts, we have capability to help you grow your managed account business. Contact us to find out more.