Looking to move from your existing fund administrator?

We will make your fund’s transition to Mainstream a smooth one

When it is time to change fund administrator, we have a dedicated fund administration transitions team to on-board you to Mainstream. The team is very experienced in the setup and transition of managed funds and hedge funds.

By moving your fund to Mainstream, you can draw from our considerable experience in:

  • Delivering fully automated solutions wherever possible
  • Understanding complex performance and management fee methodologies
  • Finding solutions to key regulatory reporting requirements
  • Establishing connectivity with your existing prime brokers, custodians and other counterparties
  • Running a parallel valuation period, where valuations are produced and compared to those produced by the outgoing administrator.

Moving to Mainstream

We will prepare a detailed transition plan for you, outlining the key steps and dates in the transition process.

See our easy 3 step process and submit a quote request for a complimentary consultation and proposal.

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Thinking about changing your administrator?

Submit Quote Request

4 easy steps to transitioning your fund to Mainstream Fund Services:

  1. Request a confidential, no obligation quote for indicative pricing and tailored services.
  2. Then we appoint a specialist transition manager who will let you know the historical data we need to get up and running and provide a timeline to ‘go live’.
  3. Next we work through your back office processes, especially any unique requirements that are needed. Clear and open dialogue is crucial in this stage. All requirements are carefully reviewed against your offer documents to ensure compliance.
  4. Finally we go through a number of operational checklists and user testing before switching on your services. All of our work is done ‘in country’ and you will have direct access to the specialists administering your fund.