With the ability to minimise tax and gain unprecedented flexibility in where managers invest, that should be no surprise. But with this appeal comes a certain narrative that implies Cayman Island fund investment is too good to be true – or worse, too good to be legal. It’s time to set the record straight.It’s time to set the record straight.

What’s inside

In our latest whitepaper, The Real Truth, we explore five of the most pervasive myths around the Cayman Islands, debunking them from every possible angle. This includes:

This includes:


How Cayman Island funds are subject to some of the strictest regulations on the planet.


The comprehensive and mandated levels of fund transparency in the Cayman Islands.


How Cayman funds stack up against less transparent jurisdictions, like the United States.

Don’t believe the narrative. Find out the truth about Cayman Islands funds today.

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Mainstream Fund Services is an independent, highly regulated, publicly traded administrator of managed funds in the Cayman Islands and beyond. We service 1,416 funds across multiple international offices, totaling more than in assets. We are the premier ‘back office for hire’ for all of your fund administration requirements.

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