Launching a new managed fund or hedge fund? Speak to Mainstream

Mainstream was built on supporting boutique managers

Back in 2006, Mainstream identified a gap in the fund administration market. At the time boutique fund managers were having difficulty getting larger securities companies to perform their fund services. These managers also lacked the scale to develop competitive skills and technology in their own back office.

We recognised how boutique fund managers could be better supported. We went on to win the business of over 100 fund managers, many of whom have grown exponentially from their start-up beginnings.

Fund types

Some of the investment structures we can administer:

  • Unit trusts
  • Closed end funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Fund of hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Alternative funds
  • Direct property funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • mFunds
  • Family offices

Appointing Mainstream

Mainstream understands the complex issues and constantly changing requirements faced by boutique fund managers.

When setting up your new fund we make the process as smooth as possible. Our dedicated team is very experienced in the setup and launch of new funds. We can give you feedback on offer documents and provide useful custody, legal and tax contacts if you need them. We will prepare a detailed project plan for you, outlining the key steps and dates in the fund set-up process.

See our easy 3 step start-up fund service process and submit a quote request for a complimentary consultation and proposal.

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Launching a fund and want a fast quote?

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4 easy steps to launching your new fund with Mainstream:

  1. Request a confidential, no obligation quote for indicative pricing and services.
  2. Then we appoint a specialist transition manager who will let you know the data we need to get up and running and provide a timeline to ‘go live’ with your fund’s services.
  3. Next we work through your back office processes, especially any unique requirements that are needed. Clear and open dialogue is crucial in this stage. All requirements are carefully reviewed against your offer documents to ensure compliance.
  4. Finally we go through a number of operational checklists and user-testing before switching on our fund services in your name. All of our work is done ‘in country’ and you will have direct access to the specialists administering your fund.