Our fund accounting service can save you significant time, is cost effective and ensures you receive timely information to do what you do best, run your business.

Whether you need help maintaining your general ledger, calculating distributions or preparing your accounts, we can make sure your financial information is accurate and up to date. Talk to us about outsourcing your fund accounting today.


Access the accounting services you need to run your business

Everyone’s accounting needs are different. We tailor our services for each client, whether you are a listed investment company needing tax effect accounting or a property trust requiring property book keeping.

 Lower your risk around tax compliance

Don’t get caught out in the complex world of unit trust tax regulation. Mainstream offers a full suite of tax accounting services that can prepare management fees, distributions, internal cost ratios (ICR) and tax return inputs, all in accordance with your offer documents.

 Spend less time preparing your accounts

We can prepare your financial statements, including statements of assets and liabilities, operations, changes in net assets and cash flows. For Australian based businesses we can lodge your business activity statements (BAS).

 Reduce your management accounting burden

Optimise your decision making by having a better picture of your financial position. Ask Mainstream to produce your monthly or quarterly accounts in a pre-agreed format.

 Stay on top of your audit responsibilities

We’ll work with you throughout the year to improve your accounting processes, then at year end we can manage your external audit process for you.

 Professionals to do your financial statements

All of our fund accountants hold chartered or certified qualifications, with an average of 10 years’ industry experience, and familiarity with IFRS and US GAAP.

 Peace of mind that your reporting is compliant

We are compliant with GS 007, a guidance statement covering the controls needed by third party investment management services in Australia, so you can be confident your accounts are being prepared correctly.


Make an enquiry to find out more about how we can manage your accounting, so you can spend more time running your business.


Tax Practitioners Board Registered

  • Over 150 financial statements and audits prepared annually
  • More than 200 income distributions prepared each year
  • Over 300 Business Activity Statements lodged on a yearly basis
  • Work completed with 15 different accounting firms