Mainstream are specialists in producing unit prices and portfolio valuations. We recognise the high operational risk that they carry. That’s why we adhere to core controls to mitigate risk and continually review our controls to ensure high standards are maintained.

We prepare over 2,500 unit prices each month. Some of the funds we can administer include:

  • Retail and wholesale investment schemes
  • Closed-end funds
  • Direct property funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Managed accounts, such as separately managed accounts (SMAs) and individually managed accounts (IMAs)
  • Listed investment companies (LICs)
  • Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)
  • MFunds
  • Cayman fund administration, including net asset value and unit price calculations and share transfer services
  • Institutional mandates


Tailored unit pricing for each of your funds

Timely and accurate data processing is fundamental to successful unit pricing operations. We can price funds on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in line with your requirements.

Reduced operational risk around portfolio valuations

Mainstream can perform your portfolio valuations in an agreed format, including corporate actions and accruals. Data is sourced from Bloomberg and FT Interactive Data. Exception checks are applied automatically as part of the fund pricing calculation process and carried through an audit trail to allow informed decisions on each exception.

Less time spent on corporate actions

If you take up our corporate actions service, we will notify you of your fund’s dividend reinvestment plan (DRP), elections and proxy voting options, so you don’t need to manually keep track of corporate actions.

Access to latest technologies for better decision making

We use HiPortfolio to provide an integrated and scalable platform. This removes the requirement to import or export data from other external sources, thereby simplifying processes and improving accuracy.

Reduction in time spent on validations and reconciliations

Move away from labour intensive manual processes. As part of our unit price calculations we reconcile all prices and valuations against data files sent by your prime broker, custodian or other third party entities.

Ability to scale up or down based on volumes

We give you the flexibility to easily scale your investment administration up and down in response to transaction volumes and to seamlessly add new clients or funds.

 Flexibility to work with your custodian of choice

Mainstream currently works with all of the major custodians and brokers. We can add value by monitoring your custodian, including performing an asset reconciliation at each pricing point and following up on any variances.

Maintenance of tax records

Mainstream can maintain and report on the capital gains tax (CGT) treatment of your holdings.


Let us design a tailored solution to meet your needs. Please make an enquiry or call us to find out more.


  • Over 80 funds priced daily
  • 2,500+ portfolios valued each month