The ability to offer one register for both on-market and off-market investors in a fund is an industry first. It also comes with the ability to reduce costs and enhance investors’ experience. It’s time for funds to be more 2020, and less 1990.

What’s inside

In our latest whitepaper, Quoted Funds: The Convergence of Listed and Unlisted Funds, we explore the emergence of quoted funds as a seamless solution to the legacy issues surrounding existing listed fund structures. This includes:

This includes:

Unlisted managed funds vs active ETFs

mFunds: step one in the evolution

The emergence of quoted funds

Don’t get left behind. Find out how you can remove the barriers impeding investors from accessing your funds.

Why partner with Mainstream?

Mainstream Fund Services’ quoted fund solution is predicted to change the landscape of listed and unlisted investing in Australia. We already service 1,078 funds with assets totalling more than . We want to remove the barriers impeding investors and brokers from seamlessly accessing listed and unlisted funds.

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