There has been a recent emergence of hybrid fund structures, which blends the products and benefits from hedge funds and private equity investments. These semi-liquid funds bring operational challenges that requires a manager and an administrator to both understand how to merge the hedge and private equity operational models. Hybrid fund structures can result in waterfall calculations even more complex with the higher asset trading volume, possible series or partnership accounting, complex fee schedules, and non-standard structures with open-ended characteristics.

Mainstream has been the administrator of choice for hybrid funds that invest in private assets in semi-liquid funds.


1 – Technology That Can Handle the Complexity of the Hybrid Structure

Traditional alternative fund administrators tend to lack the technology to manage hybrid funds. Mainstream’s technology allows for the intricate complexities of a hybrid fund, unlike other systems only developed for traditional fund structures. Mainstream’s clients gain the most sophisticated reporting for both internal use and investors, greater transparency and access to data, and improved operational efficiency.


2- Sophisticated Reporting

Clients and investors want transparent, accessible, and customizable reporting. Mainstream has a robust technology stack that offers a full range of reporting capabilities at the touch of a button. Mainstream offers drill down reporting that can be sorted from a plethora of different fields.


3 – Expertise in Complex Hybrid Structures

Most administrators do not have the experience and expertise to handle the complex structures of a hybrid fund. Mainstream reduces operational errors, delays, inaccuracies, and risk associated with the semi-liquid funds. Mainstream’s co-sourcing model focuses on our clients needs and creates a customized service plan for each client.


Mainstream Fund Services, Inc is a full-service fund administration firm dedicated to partnering with their clients to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive accounting services to the financial services industry. Mainstream’s highly professional and seasoned associates provide world class service, transparency and oversight along with independent data verification. Cutting edge technology is fully automated, highly secure, flexible and provides a cost-effective level of reliability that meets the specific needs of sophisticated investors. Mainstream clients keep pace with industry change – from Fund Accounting to Regulatory Reporting – via our heavy investment in technology platforms.

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